The Menu


At Just Smash' em, we know that the perfect popcorn is all about finding the right balance between sweet and salty. That's why we've perfected our recipes to hit all the right notes.


Just Smash'em's classic popcorn flavors never go out of style.

Sweet Fire

Sweet and spicy with a fiery kick that'll keep you coming back for more.


Our pickle popcorn is as tangy, zesty, and full of flavor as a real pickle!


Bold cheddar flavor with a savory twist in every bite.


Our take on this classic snack with a taste of butter melted over freshly popped kernels.

Kettle Corn

Sweet and salty come together for our take on classic kettle corn.

Sea Salted Caramel

Like vacation in a bag, our sea salt caramel popcorn will have you forget you’re not at the beach.

The All American

Nothing is more patriotic than the All American popcorn!